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Chickens and humans have a lot in common. Maybe not in the literal sense, but sometimes chickens get bored too and need to have something to stimulate their minds. Think about it. How would you feel if you lived your whole life locked up in a coup or small back yard with no form of entertainment?

Do chickens really need toys?

Chicken looking in a mirror

Yes, chickens need toys. Studies show that leaving your chicken without fun, or some engaging activity, can be counterproductive. Some of your chicken might develop health problems and may end up having bad behaviors. This includes feather pulling, bullying, cannibalism, egg-eating, and other negative behaviors. If you notice some of these happening with your flock, the chances are that they are just bored and just need a distraction.

10 Entertaining Toys for your Chicken Available on Amazon

Lucky for you, chicken farmers can find many toys available for sale on Amazon. All you have to do is visit their website, enter a search item, and wait for the results. It is that simple! The toys will vary in use, price, and design. In this section, we consider some of the best gadgets that you can buy on Amazon and other leading online marketplaces.

1. Vehomy Shredder Toy

The vehomy toy comes in two-packs with excellent colorful forage your flock will enjoy. They have a natural coloring matter to keep your pets healthy and happy. The loofah chewing toy is ideal for your playful pets because they can shred and chew them easily. Your little friends will have fun pecking and exploring the toy with their claws for long.

The chicken loofah chewing toy is about 13.4inches high within the perfect reach of your chicken. They will enjoy pouncing on it several without it snapping. It has natural biodegradable materials and non-toxic paper. You can install it easily with a hook that suits your chicken cage. It is essential to look for a sizeable chicken loofah shred suitable for your flock for them to have a great time.

Your pets can consume the shredded paper without getting harmed. They will have tremendous fun chewing and experimenting with their claws and beaks. The product has exciting colors that will attract your bored pets from far to come and play.

They are not suitable for all chicken pets. Some may not love their thick shreds or their bright colors. You might consider reading your pet’s body language to ensure you get the right toys for them.

2. Bwogue Wooden Ladder

Your chicken will enjoy climbing this colorful ladder and some awesome perching with their claws. You will also love watching them jump on and off and getting a little swing. It is ideal for your playful pets since they can get a turn on the ladder and its party time in the chicken coup all over again.

It has fantastic installations of wood, steel wire, and colorful buckles. Your chicken will have a great time jumping on and off the bright multicolored structure. It is easy to install in any cage and is of high quality. The colors on the wooden beads can wash off by water. Hence it cannot harm your pets when they try to peck. The buckles allow the ladder to be firm in a way that your little friends won’t pull it off.

Your chicken will exercise flying and swinging, and the coup is no longer monotonous for them. You might consider this colorful structure as an impressive decoration perfect for your chicks to jump on and off.

Your pets may find it uncomfortable for roosting or perching since it is not stable. It is too Shakey for big birds, so your grown-up pets can ignore it. Preferably it is not ideal for your pets to nap on since they can easily fall off.

3. Vehomy Chicken Swing

It will offer your birds timeless relaxation and incredible fun swinging, climbing, chewing, and playing. It has a suspension hook to allow your little friends to pump on the swing. The bells and the wooden beads will keep your pets in a playful mood for long hours.

The vehomy chicken swing has natural wood and some colorful wooden beads that are durable and non-toxic. It has an impressive chain with hooks easy to install. The wood is around 11.8 inches wide and 1.2 inches thick, perfect for your large birds to perch and swing. It is essential to get a swing ideal for your pets as it varies in size and shape.

Your chicks and other small birds will have tremendous playful experience with the product for a long time. They can play with the colorful wooden beads without danger of getting chocked or poisoned.

The birds can chew off the bells, and they quickly fall off. Sometimes the large birds can have trouble jumping on and off the swing with their features getting stuck, and the wooden stick might be too thin for them to grasp on, among others.

4. Vehomy Chicken Toy With Mirror

The double mirror gives your pets an excellent playful experience with their reflection for hours. It has incredible bells and beak grinding stones, fun for your pets to play. For a single bird, the mirror will give it a friend to play with all day. The bells will provide excellent physical and mental stimulation to keep it in a playful mood.

The toy has grinding porous mineral stones that have calcium enrichment to keep your pets healthy. The mirror is around 5.91 inches, and the grinding molar stones around 3.9 inches high.

It is ideal for all kinds of chicken breeds of all ages. The toy is an apt way of feeding your chicken some calcium, and you can hang other forage for them to shred using their beaks.

The mirror might be too small for the birds to notice, which can make them lose interest in the toy.

5. Portable Roosting Perch

It has various wooden multilevel sections around it where your pets will have fun perching and roosting. It is easily transportable, and you can put it in different parts of the cage for your girls to enjoy.

The wooden toy comes in different sizes to choose from, according to the size of your flock. It is about 34 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 3 inches high. It will entertain your birds for hours. You can hang natural forage for them to consume or hang a swing or ladder to make the toy more interesting for them.

You can easily paint it to weatherproof it and make it long-lasting. It is easy to assemble and install.

It might not suit all kinds of flocks since some could be small for large chicken birds, hence of little or no entertainment.

6. Little Red Hen Treat Spiral

The toy has a hanging spiral for veggies and chicken treats your pets can enjoy. It keeps your treats clean and dry to maintain the health status of your pets. It has high-quality steel free from rust.

The spiral steel dimensions are 6.5 inches wide and 11 inches high. It is durable, easy to use, and clean. It has large spacing enough for your pets to enjoy the treats. You can paint spray the product to make it weatherproof.

You can achieve more with the toy that is feeding your flock and entertaining them. You can hook some bells to keep them physically and mentally stimulated to play in the cage.

One toy may not be enough for a considerable size flock, hence install a few in their cage.

7. Cricket Cage

The cricket cage has perforations that the crickets will sneak out through. Your chicken will have a tasty snack, one after the other, and will have fun trying to reach for the crickets, and this can go on for a couple of hours.

It is 6inches tall with flexible end caps and robust and long-lasting wire. The tube can easily roll, and the pets can get to eat some crickets crawling out of the small holes.

It can serve any size of flock since the crickets are just for fun.

Some large crickets will not crawl out the small perforations, making it difficult for your pets to play.

8. Pet Chicken Treat Ball

The treat ball is ideal for hanging corn or veggies for snack time. It has a bell to stimulate your chicken by keeping them in a playful mood. The pet treat ball will keep the vegetables and other treats sanitized to improve your pet’s foraging behavior. It will entertain our flock with its round shape as it swings.

The product has rust-free metallic parts that can quickly get paint sprayed to it weatherproof. It is 6 inches long, 4 inches high, and 4 inches wide. The ball is durable, easy to clean and install. It has an impressive chain that suspends it over your flock, for them to chew and ring the bell playfully.

The toy can serve a large size of flock since it is just for fun. They can enjoy scrambling and swinging the ball for quite some time.
The product cannot fit some forage you would like to put, such as a large cabbage head, among others, .which is a disadvantage since you will be required to refill the fodder more frequently.

9. Chick-N-Veggie Treat Ball

The chick-n veggie treat ball is a good source of entertainment for your flock since it can quickly roll on the ground. You can fill it with all kinds of greens to stimulate your pets’ foraging behavior. It is comfortable to open, close, and clean.

It is 7 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 12 inches wide. It is easy to spray it to make it weatherproof. The wire is of high quality and durable, free from rust. It can fit a large cabbage head. Your little friends will enjoy shredding.

You can suspend it with a string or hook. It can entertain a large size of the flock at once. The chicken can have lots of fun pushing it around and eating the lettuce.

It might get soiled by other coop materials, which could make your pets to lose interest in it.

10. Lixit Feeder Toy

The Lixit feeder is perfect for providing snacks for your chicken. The toy has a unique design that you can pull apart to open and stuff mealworms, lettuce, among other treats, then close. It is fun to play with as it rolls on the ground. Besides, your pets will enjoy pushing it and feeding off the treats.

It is round for your chicken to chase it around the cage for a snack. The toy is resistant to damage by weather, and the chicken cannot quickly peck it. The paint used is non-toxic without any use of glue, making it healthy and safe for your pets to play.

The product can serve a large size of the flock. It is a perfect toy for your little friends during the winter since it is plastic. The color of the toy is attractive, making it easily visible for your little friends to play.

It can quickly get dirty and filled with unwanted stuff such as other dust, dirt chicken droppings, and other materials as it rolls over the ground. Such can be unhealthy for your pets to consume. Your little pets are also apt enough to open it up and eat the treat, and this could expose them to long hours of boredom.

5 Fun DIY Toys for Chicken

diy chicken toys

Not everybody has the money or the willingness to buy their bird’s toys all the time. After all, some of these toys might get broken rather quickly. Luckily, there are some excellent alternatives that you can use. Here are some fun DIY toys that you can make right at home.

1. Chicken wire balls

Naturally, chicken is a curious animal. So when they see a ball rolling inside the coop, they will want to know that it is! Chicken wire balls offer a safe and durable way of keeping your flock entertained. A chicken wire ball is easy to make and can hold a large crowd of birds treated for days. Besides, most of the materials are available at your dearest dealer store.

Here’s what you need:

Chicken wire.
A set of Plies (or any other wire cutting tool)
A sizeable amount of treats for your little birds.
A strong string.

Heres what to do:
The process is simple! All you have to do is tie the ends of your chicken wire together fill it with a generous amount of treats. You can use the string to hang the toy in the cage. For best results, it is better to attach the toy just above the chicken’s eye level. You can make as many toys as you like.

2. Groundball homemade toys

Groundball toys are another fun alternative to buying toys for your chicken. The idea is to have your chicken chasing a ball around the coop. in return, they get treats and other goodies that the ball might drop. (It is chicken soccer with no teams, of course). The downside to this toy is that the coop needs to be dry. Otherwise, the ball might get dirty and lose its intended purpose.

Heres how to make it:
First, you need a web ball toy (like the one commonly used in dog toys)
A bunch of herbs and other goodies for your chicken

Heres how to make it:
It’s super easy! Just stuff your ball toys with plenty of herbs and toss it in the coop.
Watch how your chicken gets excited, chasing it around.

3. Corkscrew chicken toys

The corkscrew chicken toy is a beautiful addition to your collection of chicken toys. The product is well suited for chicken living in coops or freelance chicken in your backyard. It is super easy to make and can serve you for a long time with no repairs or the need to create a new one.

Heres what you need:
An old corkscrew.
A strong string.
A large vegetable or fruit ( preferably a cabbage head or an apple.)

Here’s how you make it:
It’s rather simple. All you have to do is look for a suitable location. Tie your string in the corkscrew, and fix it into the cabbage head.

You can then tie the other end of the string in the coop and watch your chicken try to reach the cabbage head. Just make sure it is not too high. Otherwise, your flock may have a difficult time trying to reach the last bits of their treat.

4. Suet blocks

Suet blocks are an excellent addition to your collection of chicken toys. Well, they are not toys but are much more like a combination of edible seeds and plants. Chicken can have plenty of fun, just pecking at the stuff for hours. You can attach them to your swings and other toys for an added effect.

Heres what you need;
(nothing much really, all you have to do is visit your local dealer and ask for some suet blocks)

Heres how you make it;
Gently attach your blocks to other pieces or toys such as the chicken swing. Watch as your birds try to peck off the seeds and other bits.
You can also attach them to coop corners and other accessible spaces for your chicken to enjoy.

5. The chicken swing

The chicken swing is a classic toy for your birds. It’s super easy to make and requires only a string and a rod. You can find this toy in most chicken coops. The idea is simple. Chicken love to feel movement under their tiny feet, almost as if they are flying.

Heres what you need:
A stiff rod made using plastic, wood, metal, etc.
A long and durable string.
Cutting tools such as scissors
Decorations (optional)

Heres how you make it:
Cut the string into two equal sizes and tie each end to either side of your rod.
Attach the decorations (if any) to your desired points of the string to the rod.
Look for a stable location in your coop and tie each string on an exposed plank, or any other space that seems suitable for holding a swing.

Last, you can watch how your chickens react to their new toy.

Tips for Selecting the Best Toys for Your Chickens

chicken toy food ball

Choosing what to get your chicken can be a difficult choice. There are several factors to consider. For example, if you are in a region with extreme weather such as snow, mud, dust, having a ground-based toy may not be the best choice. Here are some tips for selecting the best toys for your chicken.

  • Cost: You need to consider the value of your toys. Some toys are more expensive when compared to others. You can make some DIY toy options from readily available materials at home or from your nearest dealer store.
  • Durability: Chicken owners, should consider the durability of some toys. Although most toys an take a few hits, some are vulnerable to breaking, snapping more than others. You must weigh your options correctly and go for the most durable alternative.
  • Sustainability: Some toys are more sustainable than others. You need to consider how long some toys last. For example, a cricket ball may be fun, but once the ball exhausts all the crickets inside, your chicken might become disinterested and leave it as a pile of junk. Some toys, such as the chicken swing, might last a long time with no replacement.
  • Attractiveness: Chicken just love colors. Toys with more attractive color decorations might have a more significant impact on your flock. If you are looking for something to entertain your flock, a beautiful toy might be your best choice.
  • Size of your flock: Some toys are ideal for smaller numbers of chicken. For example, if you are keeping chicken as pets, you might find it easier to buy toys that fit the numbers. A farmer rearing chicken in their backyard might prefer toys that favor more significant numbers. For example, the suet blocks may be a viable option for more substantial numbers of chicken.
  • Health impact: Chicken, will eat almost anything. However, just because they eat anything does not mean that everything is healthy for them. For example, plastic toys may sometimes break, leaving small bits of plastic that the chicken can ingest by mistake. As the adult in the coop. (pun intended) you have a responsibility to ensure that you provide your flock with healthy toys that don’t negatively affect your chickens.


So there you have it! Chickens sometimes need to play. After all, work with no play. Well, you get the idea. Only in this case, the chicken not only become dull but look for other ways to occupy their time. You can help reduce the growth of bad behaviors among your flock by letting them spend their energy constructively.

Just make sure your chickens play in a safe space free from predators, pests, and other disturbances that might negatively affect their mood. Motivated chickens are highly productive, so don’t act surprised when you notice a few improvements in the performance of your flock after getting them some new toys.

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