cochins_internationalOwning chickens puts you in a unique category of people and what better way to hook up with like-minded folks than to get out and go meet up? Thanks to the internet, there are even options for those who haven’t the time or inclination to head out into the urban world and have a drink with fellow chicken owners and breeders. Finding a club is as simple as searching for “poultry clubs in ‘your location'” on a search engine. You can find breeder clubs for specific chicken breeds, general clubs and associations, and any number of online forums full of happy and helpful people that love to meet and speak with people who raise chickens just like they do.

Breeder Clubs
Like any club for any breed, these tend to be very specific about the people they let in. If you’ve got Orpingtons, for example, you probably won’t be joining an Austraulorp club. What would you learn? What information about the breed could you bring? Nothing if you’re raising Orpingtons. However, if your just getting into the Austraulorp business and want to learn how to raise show quality birds, or need help determining why the plummage on your prize hen isn’t doing well, then a Breeder Club for that specific breed is probably the best thing for you. There are a number of clubs such as the Ameraucana Breeders Club, or the Java Breeders, or even Cochins International. It is also through Breeder Clubs that you will get information on breed shows, the best way to present your birds and other important information if you’re looking to join the world of chicken fancy.

Online Forums
For those without the time or inclination, the online forum community is the best option out there. There are a variety of chicken information sites that host forums, all of which appear to be full of some of the friendliest and most helpful people out there. I have seen questions asked about which breeds are best in which situations, links to informational websites that show more information than could fit in a post, polls on random and silly things and just all around good-naturedness. If you enjoy the anonymity of the internet, but want a good bunch of people to sit around and gab with about your chickens, then online forums are the place for you.

Poultry Associations and Clubs
Poultry Associations and Clubs are best for those that have a wide-ranging interest in raising a variety of chickens and even some other birds such as ducks or guinea fowl. These are the places you will likely find help in determining which breeds will work best together, what the best food is, and how best to house your chickens for optimal health and product quality. Members in these sorts of clubs and associations should be able to help you learn better ways of butchering your fryers, or upping your egg production.

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