gonzo and camillaWith a new Muppet movie finally hitting theaters and a whole new generation being primed for the motley puppet performers, there may just be a disconnect between what we know now and what we used to know. Perhaps one of the great mysteries of the Muppets, and indeed of the world, revolves around Gonzo, a supposed space alien, and the love of his life, a hen named Camilla. Why did Gonzo love a chicken so much? Well, let’s take a look.

Muppet continuity is a very tricky issue to discuss as there really isn’t one unifying threat throughout all Muppet-related properties, however it should be noted that the farthest back things can go would be Muppet Babies, the animated cartoon where all the Muppets were toddlers in a nursery. During this time, Camilla was not actually a chicken but rather a stuffed chick that Gonzo carried around with him everywhere. The only time she came alive was during points of the episode where imagination was used, but other than that she was nothing more than a make-believe friend.

The Muppet Show gave them a lot more to do, and more specifically it gave Gonzo a lot more to do in general with chickens. For some reason his character was set up not just as being in a long-term relationship with his chicken friend Camilla (or at least a long-standing infatuation), but a relative interest in chickens all around.

In fact, this desire for all chickens, not just Camilla, was a way for Jim Henson and his puppeteers to make things simpler on themselves as they frequently had a hard time telling Camilla apart from any other Muppet chickens. As a result, Gonzo would even remark that any chicken might be Camilla because they all look the same anyway. However, you can tell the difference as Camilla has blue eyelids, a feature unique to her.

Gonzo, despite stating that Camilla is the love of his life, doesn’t do a very good job of staying faithful though. Beyond having a hard time telling Camilla apart from other chickens, he also chases after Miss Piggy, which is strange enough seeing as how he clearly has a predisposition toward chickens and not pigs, though it may just be barnyard animals in general.

No matter why, Gonzo is still committed to a chicken (it doesn’t really matter which one). Why does he love chickens? Who can really say? One thing’s for certain though: Gonzo is one strange Muppet.

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