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 Modern Game Qualities

Modern Games are prized almost entirely for their abilities as show chickens. They are very easy to tame and make for a simple but elegant breed, popular with most fanciers. They aren’t very well-suited for laying eggs though, as their tiny frame would suggest. They are also not the best meat birds as they are so small to begin with and just plain skinny. They’re great decoration and wonderful for shows, but that’s as far as you’ll find them useful.

Modern Game Temperament

Modern Games are known to be extremely aggressive, so extra care should be taken when interacting with cocks. Even the hens have aggressive tendencies at times. They don’t like being confined for very long, but they can be trained to be friendly toward their owners. Once the stubborn hump is cleared, the chickens become spontaneous and love interacting with the one who feeds them, even brining small gifts now and then.

Modern Game Appearance

Modern Game is skinny in appearance, even for a bantam breed. Everything about them is upright, so they stand tall and carry their short tails high. Their shoulders are distinguishable as they poke out from their bodies. Their legs, while long, can be a number of different colors depending on the overall color type of the bird. The white variety have yellow legs, partridge colors have green legs, and black Modern Games have black legs. The actual color of the feathers spreads the gamut of varieties, such as laced blue, golden birchen, wheaten lavender, bloodwing white, and so on. They have extremely small red combs and ear-lobes.

Modern Game Upkeep

Modern Games are very poor in the cold winter months, so they require a good heat source for their coop, otherwise they’ll freeze. They are very active and so need a large run to move about in, as well as high perches to hop up onto. However, their legs are actually very fragile, so it’s also wise to have lots of soft bedding to cushion falls and the like. Hens can become very broody but it’s not recommended you let them do this more than once a year as the strain is immense on their already small bodies.

Modern Game History

The Modern Game finds its history in Great Britain during the end of the nineteenth century when it was bred by an expert in bantams named Entwisle who used Cornish Bantams and Malay Bantams. Oddly enough, the Modern Game is actually older than the Old English Game, a strange thing to consider.

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